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Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator 585L (WNJ-5H5-0101-RXXX-XX) – Black

Product By: Walton / Daraz   Product Code: WA103HL0BI53SNAFAMZ (SKU) Product Overview: Using Latest Intelligent INVERTER technology Flat, elegant door provides a contemporary look

Walton Fusion 125NX Motorcycle

Product By: Walton   Product Code: Fusion 125NX   Product Overview: Approved Mileage 55+ kmpl*. – Fuel Efficient Vertical SOHC Engine with balanced shaft.

Walton Air Fryer

Product By: Walton   Product Code: WAF-CR01   Product Overview: – No oil to fry & toast – Save time & energy 50% – Power

Walton 49″ Android Smart TV (W49E3000AS)

Product By: Walton   Product Code: W49E3000AS   Product Overview: Display :  Screen size  49”  Aspect ratio  16:9  Resolution  1920 x 1080/ 60Hz  Viewing

Walton Cloth Dryer

Product By: Walton   Product Code:  WCD-P02   Product Overview: – Low noise, hot air-supply for fast drying effect – 360º wind outlet –

Walton Primo X4

Product By: Walton   Product Overview: Basic Information Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow RAM: 4GB Processor: 64 Bit Octa-Core Processor, 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A53 GPU:

Walton Room Heater (WRH-PTC007)

Product By: Walton   Product Code: WRH-PTC007   Product Overview: – PTC heating wire element MINI ROOM HEATER. – Three adjustment choice for convenient

Rechargeable Lamp

Product By: Bdshopay            Product Code: walton-4225 Product Overview: Product Name : Rechargeable Lamp Model : WRL-L55 Company: Walton Product Description : > Super Bright SMD

Walton Primo ZX2 mini

Product by:  Walton Product Model: Walton Primo ZX2 Mini Product Overview: Price: BDT 20,990.00 Order and Delivery: Click the link below. For Details CLICK