Bangladeshi Handicraft Archive

Aarong Printed and Embroidered Cotton Salwar Kamiz Set

Product By: Aarong   Product Code: .23E174201194 (SKU) Product Overview: White cotton kamiz with golden and red prints. Multicolour embroidery and mirror work all

Ivory and Black Printed Cotton Tunic

Product By: Aarong   Product Code: 22E164102083 (SKU) Product Overview: Ivory cotton tunic with navajo motif printed in black and metallic gold on front and

Pink Embroidered Cashmilon Salwar Kamiz Set

Product By: Aarong   Product Code: 23E164202003 (SKU) Product Overview: Pink cashmilon kamiz with orange, pink, purple, ivory and grey embroidery. Comes with printed cotton

Deep Turquoise Printed and Embroidered Salwar Kamiz Set

Product By: Aarong   Product Code: 23E164204275 (SKU) Product Overview: Deep turquoise and purple printed cotton kamiz with mauve, turquoise and yellow embroidery and mirror

Flower Vase

Product By: Deshishilpo Product Code: S002 Product Overview: মাটির ফুলদানি কারিগর : সাভারের বিমল সেন। কার্যক্ষেত্রে ব্যাবহার: এটিকে আপনি ফুলদানির পাশাপাশি শোপিস হিসাবে ব্যাবহার

Rickshaw Shape Natural Plant Pot

Product By: Megamart24            Product Code: Plant Pot HMP 03 Product ID: 3586 Product Overview: Material Cane, Plant Plant Type Natural Plant Name Money

Door Nameplate

Product By:  Woodpecker          Product Name: Door Nameplate Price: 12 inch by 3 inch (mahagony) : 800 BDT 12 inch by 3 inch (keroshine) :

Wooden Bus Toy

Product By: Aarong           Product Code: 0000008900459 Product Overview: This toy in solid wood is durable and long-lasting, and does not contain any harmful